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Disgraceful Wedding Photographer Successfully Sued

The National News is full of how one photographer has been (rightly) sued for truly dreadful work. Just one of the multitude currently giving true Professional Photographers a bad name. Many are new to the profession, many are unqualified, untrained or even part-timers, earning a bit of spare cash at the weekend.

We are members of the UK qualifying body for full time professional photographers, the British Institute of Professional Photographers. There are other associations which look very convincing but allow ANYBODY to be a member!

Do ask questions of your photographer, are they insured, are they qualified members of a truly professional organisation, can you see THEIR work, do they have testimonials, do you like them as a person, are they passionate about what they do or is it just for that bit of extra cash?

Price is important, but don't spoil the wedding! Think about it, every wedding takes us 30-40 hours of work and uses skill levels built from many years experience and on-going training, let alone the thousands of pounds of photographic and computing equipment and back-up spares that are needed.

Question why somebody would offer to do photography AND video for under £1450? Buyer beware!

See the Daily Mail report here