Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Eliza & Denny, The Reid Rooms

A 126 page (63 layouts) highlights album is available to view here.
All image previews are available to view here.

Monday, 23 May 2011

British Institute of Professional Photographers Contemporary Wedding Photographer of the Year

Storm Photography wins
British Institute of Professional Photographers Contemporary Wedding Photographer of the Year

May 18th 2011

Local photographer Tony Bramley ABIPP, of Storm Photography has won the title of Contemporary Wedding Photographer of the Year 2011
with the British Institute of Professional Photographers, London & East Region.

Tony, a previous wedding winner in 2008, also received a further Award of Excellence in the Contemporary Wedding section and also an
Award of Excellence in the Classic Portrait section. The awards were judged by world renowned 
photographic judge Ray Lowe FBIPP FMPA FRPS QEP MCPPA

Tony comments:

‘I have continued to develop my modern style of wedding photography to ensure I stay ahead of the more regular wedding photographers.

Last year has seen one of the lowest years for weddings nationally and to keep business levels high during this time you need to differentiate
yourself from your competition and I do this by having, and continually developing, a very distinct style with a very high level of competency.
Every wedding, whether it is 30 or 300, Saturday or a weekday, receives the same attention to detail and I am always looking for the next ‘killer shot’.

Contemporary work requires a lot of creativity to produce something that will jump out of the page or off the wall. Essentially I am looking at the
same sort of image that would make a newspaper headline. General photography skills are not enough, it has to be dynamic and
make the viewer stop and look.

Mixing modern styles with older venues is always a real challenge but allows me to get a very new twist on classic settings with a different viewpoint.
I am not scared to move out of the normal comfort zone, having placed brides on windowsills, using architecture to increase dynamics, and even a
plasma TV screen as a background to a bride.

I look for light all the time and love any source of good light. I am just as happy shooting into strong sunlight if it produces the result I am after, as using
a swinging pendant lamp to get something more direct and controlled at the right moment. I often use a professional video light for effect even though I shoot stills.

People these days are looking for something different that compliments the modern lifestyles that couples are now demanding. No wedding is a
regular job to me and I strive at every wedding to shoot new ideas and different interpretations of poses and lighting, even if I have been there many
times before.

The critical parts to my work are the lighting, the concept and the design of the image, this is what will produce dynamic images that stand out from the rest
and allow me to produce a very different product to our competitors.
There are many photographers out there, which becomes a minefield for customers wishing to book a photographic service and the awards and qualifications of the British Institute of Professional Photographers helps photographers rise above this and show people the true quality
of the best photographers in the region.

My wedding portrait and commercial work is complimented by a range of superb contemporary albums that are made for us in Italy by Graphistudio".

About Storm Photography Ltd

Wedding, Portrait & Commercial Photographers based in Marks Tey, Essex.
Tel: 01206 212542
Mob: 07870 441540

Tony Bramley ABIPP
Mandy Bramley

Judge: Ray Lowe has two Honorary Fellowships from the BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography) and the MPA (Master Photographers Association) never before achieved by any other photographer, which came with a citation which reads, 'for outstanding services to the photographic industry'. FRPS, (Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society), QEP, Qualified European Photographer from the Federation of European Photographers. Master Craftsman of Professional Photographers of America, 9 European Kodak gold Awards and every regional award he has gone for.

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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Contemporary Wedding Photographer of the Year

Last night I was awarded Contemporary Wedding Photographer of the Year 2011 with the British Institute of Professional Photographers, London & East Region.

A previous wedding winner in 2008, I received a further Award of Excellence in the Contemporary Wedding section and also an Award of Excellence in the Classic Portrait section. The awards were judged by world renowned photographic judge Ray Lowe FBIPP FMPA FRPS QEP MCPPA.
A big thank you to the ladies concerned and also to all of my customers who love our modern approach to wedding photography.

It was also nice to receive recognition in the portrait group with some new work that has taken me away from the white backgrounds that are now being 'overdone' these days.

Here are the images, a full release will follow:

Above: Contemporary Wedding - Winner

Above: Contemporary Wedding - Award of Excellence

Above: Classic Portrait - Award of Excellence

Microlighting to Duxford

Was offered a flight to Duxford yesterday by Scott of Scott Microlights based at Andrewsfield Airfield. A great flight and if anybody wants to experience the joy of flying, at £48, you should not miss it. Its a great way to start flying as well as quicker and cheaper than PPL.
Attached is a view from the control tower at Duxford (iPhone)

Friday, 6 May 2011

308 Squadron Presentation Photographs

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Amelia's Previews

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Liz & Martin, Maison Talbooth, Le Talbooth, Dedham

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Helen & Paul, Layer Marney Tower

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Beckie & Kevin, St Peters Church

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